Mastering Meaning-Making

To be human is to seek meaning. We find meaning by dedicating our time and attention to the things that matter most to us: a vocation we are passionate about, a cause we believe in, the people we love.

But creating a life filled with worthwhile moments requires each of us to focus our attention on the things that matter the most at the times when they most matter.

Focus: The Most Valuable Resource of All

With all the complexities of our world, perhaps the greatest challenge we face is responding to the forces that increasingly starve our minds of focus and our days of time.

The workplaces, schools and institutions, which used to predetermine the resources and options available to previous generations are now leaving that prioritization up to the individual or expecting us to be mindful of their demands at all times - and sometimes both are true.

This sudden explosion in the demand for our attention and the complete freedom to direct it has radically destabilized almost every aspect of our modern life, particularly how we make our living.

So, how can one person come to manage to focus on what matters most when they need to make a significant career decision in a world that always changing?

Wellspring can help.

What We Do

Wellspring takes the same approach to career navigation and financial planning as a good fitness coach does when they help their clients reach peak physical fitness. No two people have the exact same goals in mind when they begin a workout plan. A 24 year-old professional athlete will likely train their bodies far differently than a 55 year-old financial manager.

Understanding your personal goals and current capacity is critical for adapting our training to your personal growth.

Do you want to take charge of your career and financial goals? Wellspring can help you focus on developing the skills that matter most so you can make the right call when the time is right.

Do you want a more personalized personal growth experience? Wellspring can provide you with a mix of online and real-time experiences that integrate with 1-to-1 coaching and networks of like-minded professionals who are attempting to reach similar goals.

Five to Thrive

Making a living today requires more of us to work more hours in more places, to learn newer skills at faster rates, and to become more effective at fitting what little time we have for loved ones (and even our own thoughts) into the expanding hours of a seemingly boundless workplace.

Sometimes making it through a week, month, or year can feel more like a matter of survival.

To live a life where we can both make a living and live meaningfully in a hyper-connected world requires us to become experts in managing five distinct areas of life. We call them "Five to Thrive".

  • Our personal values - The Goal
  • Our habits of mind - The Path
  • Our careers - The Vehicle
  • Our time - The Fuel
  • Our finances - The Toolbox

Most of us had little to no formal training in how to manage some or all of these five vital areas of life. Wellspring exists to change that reality.

Values & Awareness

Career Navigation

Time Management

Financial Efficiency