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About Us

The Wellspring Group is a complete Human Resources and training consultancy helping healthcare providers, educational institutions, and social impact/nonprofit organizations build more inclusive, higher performing teams.

We specialize in providing full-cycle recruiting, search, and talent optimization services, employee benefits, and racial justice training to organizations whose mission is to care for people.

Our clients come to us searching for outstanding talent while also needing to bolster their internal diversity recruiting capacity. By partnering with Wellspring, our clients leverage our recruitment process outsourcing services to hire, retain, and develop outstanding talent through our menu of service options and à la carte approach. This approach allows them to control costs and customize our search services to suit their specific needs.

When clients want to boost team morale, align their organizational structure and talent strategy to their outcomes, and develop effective leaders, Wellspring leverages our expertise in the Predictive Index® system to provide our clients with the Predictive Index system (PI) of talent optimization, a practice which has been proven to improve retention and employee satisfaction outcomes.

We are best known for delivering transformative racial justice trainings that help organizations strengthen their culture, increase a sense of belonging within their community, and improve teamwork. These trainings focus on:

  1. Defining the culture of whiteness and demonstrating how it became a predominant global culture which has reached its logical end point because of its reliance on European Enlightenment Age rationalism, ethnocentrism, and events of natural history.

  2. Identifying the ways whiteness impacts people, countercultural artifacts, and an organization’s commitment to serving its mission.

  3. Facilitating and coaching organizations toward and through initiatives that center the experiences, knowledge, skills, and solutions of communities which have traditionally been underrepresented and marginalized by white supremacy culture.

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