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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions that we typically receive to help get to know our organization a little better.

What is Wellspring?

Wellspring optimizes your organizational culture. We are a complete Human(e) Resources and change management consultancy supporting institutions wth 100+ employees. We provide company culture and EDIA consulting, full-cycle recruiting and talent acquisition services, talent optimization services, and executive coaching to institutions across North America in both live settings and through our online learning platform.

Specifically, our team provides solutions for:

• Culture change management modeling, training, and implementation
• Burn out prevention and effective communication training
• Racial equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging implementation & training
• Talent acquisition & staffing for diversity
• Talent optimization & organizational development
• Succession planning
• Offboarding support & career coaching
• Employee benefit and retention services

What skills will can I develop with Wellspring Executive Coaching?

Wellspring Executive Leadership Coaching concentrates on developing two skills that are shown to help leaders create psychologically safe work environments, improve self-efficacy, and generate more productive and innovative teams: (1) Situational Leadership skills and (2) Values-Based Decision-Making. Situational Leadership skills focus on using inquiry to identify where an employee is within their lifecycle as a member of your team and in their own professional development. By utilizing empathy and a clear system of evaluation, direction, coaching, and delegation, leaders can more effectively define leadership plans for their direct reports and identify strategic areas for improvement.Values-Based Decision-Making is a process that allows leaders to understand what truly matters to their team and their stakeholders. When leaders can align strategy and behaviors with their team's shared core values, and when they can communicate how their decisions align with those values, collaboration becomes easier and communication between all stakeholders improves.

How can Wellspring guarantee coaching success?

Every Wellspring Coaching client completes a validated pre-assessment prior to beginning their coaching experience and post-assessment after their final session to measure their improvement in leadership communication and values-driven decision-making skills. In addition, we base our coaching success on helping you achieve specific key performance indicators with your team. You tell us how you want to measure success, and we help you develop the leadership and management skills necessary to achieve impact in 90 days. If you do not achieve results in 90 days, we coach you at no cost until you meet your goal.

What is the time commitment for leadership coaching with Wellspring?

After their free, no-commitment trial session, participants can choose to participate in either our Executive Leadership Coaching or Wellspring's Equity Growth Coaching program. Both programs are 12 weeks long. Clients meet with their coaches weekly for 60 minutes and follow a formal program designed to target key learning objectives and personalized goals. However, after finishing with the formalized 12-week coaching curriculum, clients have the opportunity to extend their coaching experience based on their preferences.

"Managing the financial operations of one of New England’s largest direct service providers to vulnerable populations presented a unique challenge during the pandemic. Wellspring’s Organizational Optimization approach helped our team adopt effective communication and cultural practices, which allowed us all to adjust to a shifting financial landscape together. In addition, Wellspring led the cataloging and modernizing of our team design, responsibilities, and strategy. This aligned our team around a shared vision for the future and helped empower our top performers with a clear pathway for promotion and succession. In a time of great uncertainty, Wellspring provided us with a clear roadmap toward success."
Rosemarie Brian, Controller, Pine Street Inn
"This training was life-changing, affirming, and inspiring. We were gently and kindly inspired as individuals and a group to take action for positive change. I am so grateful for this work. Our trainings will help ensure we are inclusive within our organization and as we work with clients - and to be more understanding and insightful as human beings."
Cathy Barrick, CEO, Alzheimer Society Of Ontario
"Working with Wellspring gave me the jolt I needed to bring life back into my career. Wellspring takes you beyond "the next step"  to a space where I was able to pivot. The team listened to my strengths and interests and helped me map out a career path. Their coaching curriculum is deeply intuitive and insightful, and  give me the push and guidance that I needed to take leaps in my career journey. Wellspring was crucial in helping me set goals, develop a plan for my future self, and most importantly, to truly value and ignite my potential and my ambition."
Matt Gelman, The Theatre Offensive