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About Us

The Wellspring Group is a full-service Human Resources consultancy.  We empower leaders to create a safe and equitable workplace culture that improves employee retention and drives exceptional company performance. 

Our strength is our dual expertise as both human resource professionals and racial justice educators.  We specialize in helping nonprofit/social impact organizations build more inclusive, higher performing teams by providing full-cycle recruiting, search, and talent optimization services, employee benefits, leadership development coaching, and racial equity training.

What Wellspring does and who we are is personified by our commitment to making workplaces more humane and healthy. Our cultural backgrounds allow us to accurately identify the necessary shifts in approaches to leadership and cultural identity necessary to support institutional change at all levels of the organization.

Kadesh & Chris ConroyManaging Director & Partner

The Wellspring Group

30+ years experience

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Wellspring can engage your entire workforce and all of your stakeholders in racial equity education through the Racial Equity Journey. Our training courses uses personal narratives and accessible exercises to help your team discovery the behaviors and mindsets they must practice together if they are to live out a commitment to anti-racist values and racial equity outcomes. Courses are available in-person or online and can be conducted in a live or asynchronous learning environment through our online learning platform.

Coaching for Cultural Competency

The Wellspring Method offers a series of one-on-one coaching programs that pair your team members with highly qualified Wellspring Coaches to develop select 21st-century leadership skills within your company. Deepen your stakeholders’ knowledge on leadership, change management, and the ways in which race, racism, and racial identity impact their behaviors as well as their workplace and stakeholders through our personalized coaching model.

Workforce Development

Wellspring clients leverage our recruitment process outsourcing services to hire, retain, and develop undervalued talent. Looking for qualified candidates? candidate database features 5000+ candidates representing the full spectrum of human diversity, industry experience, and executive competencies. Need to eliminate bias from your candidate selection? Our proprietary structured interview questions and competencies can help your hiring teams and managers conduct fair and thorough interviews.

Change Management

Wellspring clients develop a change resilient culture through our change management methodology, Organizational Optimization. We help your leaders integrate strategic planning, project management, and change management tools and techniques to ensure your stakeholders have the psychological safety, self-efficacy, and professional knowledge necessary adapt to any circumstance.

HR Leadership

Wellspring is a full-service Human Resources Management Consultancy providing services to educational institutions, healthcare providers, arts and cultural institutions, government agencies, and NGOs. We add humane resources to your existing HR capabilities to support healthy workplace environments in this emerging era of hybrid work and flexible employment.

Leadership Development

Wellspring prepares new and veteran leaders alike to lead with awareness and a values-first mindset through a commitment to appreciative inquiry and talent optimization. Our Leadership Journey facilitators guide your leadership team through a series exercises that uncover the authentic core values driving your organization's decisions and repair the decisions which cause your team to misalign your behaviors with your values.

"Managing the financial operations of one of New England’s largest direct service providers to vulnerable populations presented a unique challenge during the pandemic. Wellspring’s Organizational Optimization approach helped our team adopt effective communication and cultural practices, which allowed us all to adjust to a shifting financial landscape together. In addition, Wellspring led the cataloging and modernizing of our team design, responsibilities, and strategy. This aligned our team around a shared vision for the future and helped empower our top performers with a clear pathway for promotion and succession. In a time of great uncertainty, Wellspring provided us with a clear roadmap toward success."
Rosemarie Brian, Controller, Pine Street Inn
"This training was life-changing, affirming, and inspiring. We were gently and kindly inspired as individuals and a group to take action for positive change. I am so grateful for this work. Our trainings will help ensure we are inclusive within our organization and as we work with clients - and to be more understanding and insightful as human beings."
Cathy Barrick, CEO, Alzheimer Society Of Ontario
"Working with Wellspring gave me the jolt I needed to bring life back into my career. Wellspring takes you beyond "the next step"  to a space where I was able to pivot. The team listened to my strengths and interests and helped me map out a career path. Their coaching curriculum is deeply intuitive and insightful, and  give me the push and guidance that I needed to take leaps in my career journey. Wellspring was crucial in helping me set goals, develop a plan for my future self, and most importantly, to truly value and ignite my potential and my ambition."
Matt Gelman, The Theatre Offensive