Executive Coaching Solutions

For executives and managers with vision, commitment, and a desire for impact, values-driven leadership and inclusive communications skills have never been in greater demand.

When you receive coaching in THE WELLSPRING METHOD we guarantee you will master critical skills needed within the next 90 days and accelerate your team's return on effort.


Take our FREE Leadership Profile Assessment. In less than 10 minutes, you will unlock years of insight into your leadership style.


Connect with one of our certified Wellspring Coaches to review your Leadership Profile and map a Culture Blueprint for your team.


Continually apply the values-driven blueprint & communication practices unique to the Wellspring Method & watch your team thrive.


Develop a shared vision with your management team and build a values-driven organization that operates with clarity and purpose.


Career Transformation Coaching

Whether you are a beginner in your career journey or seeking to make a change, our career coaching services will enable you to make the best decision for you to live out your passions and transform your life through your career. It is possible to work and be happy. It is possible to work and feel fulfilled. The transformational career coaches are experts in individually coaching you to this possibility.


Intercultural Development

Intercultural competence is key to any workplace that wishes for a healthy and safe community. It is especially important for global organizations, where people from different cultures are expected to interact and work together to achieve business goals. Through a 12 session progam, participants engage in coaching and self-directed learning to develop skills which will aid them in their journey toward intercultural competence.


Executive Leadership

Management is about doing things right but leadership is about doing the right thing. Our executive leadership coaching helps emerging leaders develop the necessary skills to inspire their fellow stakeholders and realize a collective vision where their core values align with their behavior. Our programs inspire leaders to maintain a steadfast commitment to appreciative inquiry and empathy, which, in turn, allows them to effectively align their goals, respect constraints, and set individual team members for success.

"Managing the financial operations of one of New England’s largest direct service providers to vulnerable populations presented a unique challenge during the pandemic. Wellspring’s Organizational Optimization approach helped our team adopt effective communication and cultural practices, which allowed us all to adjust to a shifting financial landscape together. In addition, Wellspring led the cataloging and modernizing of our team design, responsibilities, and strategy. This aligned our team around a shared vision for the future and helped empower our top performers with a clear pathway for promotion and succession. In a time of great uncertainty, Wellspring provided us with a clear roadmap toward success."
Rosemarie Brian, Controller, Pine Street Inn
"This training was life-changing, affirming, and inspiring. We were gently and kindly inspired as individuals and a group to take action for positive change. I am so grateful for this work. Our trainings will help ensure we are inclusive within our organization and as we work with clients - and to be more understanding and insightful as human beings."
Cathy Barrick, CEO, Alzheimer Society Of Ontario
"Working with Wellspring gave me the jolt I needed to bring life back into my career. Wellspring takes you beyond "the next step"  to a space where I was able to pivot. The team listened to my strengths and interests and helped me map out a career path. Their coaching curriculum is deeply intuitive and insightful, and  give me the push and guidance that I needed to take leaps in my career journey. Wellspring was crucial in helping me set goals, develop a plan for my future self, and most importantly, to truly value and ignite my potential and my ambition."
Matt Gelman, The Theatre Offensive